Ok Fella’s, have you noticed that you’ve gained a little excess weight recently? If so, you may be tempted to join the gym. However, joining a gym isn’t always necessary. You can get fit in the privacy of your own home and on your own terms. You just have to be willing to do the work!

Check out these tips to get fit in your own crib!

  1. Social media Workout Influencers. Simply follow online fitness coaches and influencers on Facebook or Instagram and you will have fresh content delivered direct to your feed each day. ***add some people to follow
  1. Equipment- Invest in a few pieces of workout equipment.
    A kettlebell and some mid-weight dumbbells is a good start.
    You may also want to invest in some resistance bands or perhaps a skipping rope to perform cardio in your outside space or park.
Photo by Delaney Van 
  1. Clean the house. Very few of us like doing housework, but doing those chores are a good way of staying fit. Plus, you’re making your house healthier and more presentable too, which will help uplift your mood…and if you have a wifey/partner they’ll appreciate it too.
  1. Body Weight- The furniture around your house, even your walls and surfaces, can be used to create workouts with your own body weight.
    For example, you could use a chair to perform tricep dips, or perhaps even step ups.
    Use your imagination and you may surprise yourself with the possibilities.
  1. Time-Before you lay in bed to see what’s going on with the gram take 10 minutes to get in a few push ups, crunches or squats.
  2. Eating- Remember the 80/20 rule of eating healthy. You can work out all day but if your daily food intake sucks you’ll get nowhere. Aim to eat well 80 % of the time and you’ll start to see changes in the right direction. Healthy fats, protein, whole grains and nuts.
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By Danny Reyes

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