Thank God is FRIDAY!!

School is out…help! You can’t take another minute of them being on a screen but hearing “I’m Bored,” for the 100th time is torture. Does this sound familiar? #summerbreak

Let’s get to it! Create a schedule today and without your kids realizing you’re creating structure for them and you. We all handle things better when we know the expectations. Am I right?

Father & Son

Check out these ideas to keep your kids busy at home while maintaining your sanity.

Make it Mondays!

 Art– Being creative is ageless. Sometimes you have an inner Picasso and don’t even know it. Kids can draw, paint, sculpt, color, or cut and paste. Honestly, the ideas are endless. You can watch a Youtube video on how to draw their favorite character/animal/anime etc. Not trying to get your home messy, hook them up with colored chalk and let them practice outside! Here’s some fun items we found on Amazon to get you started Click here

Garden– Where’s my little green thumbs at? It’s exciting to plant seeds and watch them grow. Flowers, vegetables, berries, and herbs are all options. Create a space outside or inside with flower pots by a window and start your garden. A little dirt, water and sun is all you need. Now they have something to check on and take care of daily. We put together a few items to get you started. Click here

Taste Something Tuesdays

Cook/Bake–  Allow your child to help with dinner and try some new recipes. Bake a cake, make some cookies, try a new mac n cheese recipe, make your own pizza! Honestly whatever they love to eat teach them how to make it. Getting them in the kitchen early is always a good thing. Click here for some items to make it fun.

Eating Out– Make it for the lunch special and save some $$$

Water Day Wednesday’s!

Make a Splash– Head out to the beach, pool, make water balloons, find a local splash park or get out the water hose and get squirted! We guarantee this will provide hours of fun. Click here for some items you might need.


Trip Thursdays

 Hike–  Get out of the house and find a trail. Many parks have walking or hiking trails. It’s great exercise and an easy way to change the scenery for an hour or two. Check out the app All Trails (insert link) for your area. Here’s a few items we found helpful to have when hiking. Click here

Museums– One amazing tip we found out is that your local library may offer free passes!

Library– This is free and often times they have events lined up for the summer. It’s always nice and cool inside too!

Movies– Check out your local theater for movie deals. Also #iykyk don’t forget your backpack and fill it up with drinks and snacks. I don’t know about you but $5 for water is not in the budget. If that’s not an option create your own movie theater and set up a projector outside and watch some of the classics! Has your child ever seen Goonies, The Karate Kid, or the original Star Wars? Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Relive some of your favorite childhood movies with your children. They might laugh at the special effects but that’s part of the fun.

Family Fridays

Funday-Kids Choice, Period! This will definitely give them something to look forward to all week. Basically it’s “Yes Day”…within reason of course.

Friend Day– Playdate or sleepover with their besties. Try and rotate these with the other parents and run out to get a much needed moment alone and some coffee!

If you’re at the end of your rope with your kids, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to keep your kids occupied in a healthy way. However, there are plenty of things your child might enjoy doing that they’ve never even considered. We have 7 week’s before school starts. It’s time to put on your creative hat and give them a few things to do that will benefit them more than watching TV or playing video games! Trust the process you’ll be glad you did!

By Danny Reyes

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