Thank You, Thank You and Thank you to everyone who purchased the “Ella’s Handwriting Book”, My family and I appreciate the love. We have some new viewers so I wanted to take a moment to give the back story of how #Ellasjourney started.

Our baby girl transitioned to Heaven in 2012 days before her second birthday, due to a very rare heart condition. After losing Ella, her picture started to travel the world with family and friends. Her life was taken way too soon and by traveling all over the world she was experiencing everything she never got the chance to. Before we knew it #ellasjourney took over on social media and on random days we would see Ella in Paris, Dominican Republic, Disney World and the list goes on. It truly was magical to see #Ellasjourney happening. One day she showed up with her cousin at a @selenagomez concert with Selena holding her picture!

Ella’s Journey Around The World❤️

Ella was such a special soul and I’m not saying that because I’m her dad I’m saying it because I felt it. My wife and I always talk about how brave and tough she was as a baby. Some days, we would call her bam-bam because she was so strong! While in the hospital the doctors were amazed at how she was able to handle what was happening with her heart yet you would never know by looking at her. As a family we felt she was like a baby super hero.

Ella definitely had a presence about her. I remember one time someone told us it was as if Ella could see through their soul. It was the way Ella looked at people and observed them. A few times at the mall people would pass us by and come back to say “she’s so beautiful” and walk off. It was strange but looking back at it my baby had a glow that other people could see.

As time continued to pass we always wanted to find a way to continue #ellasjourney. We’ve had so many ideas and one day I hope to see more of them come to life. However, some of you may know how grief can take everything out of you and limit you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

This year as the new school year was approaching, I started to think about how much Ella loved to learn and draw with her big brother Milian. The idea of a handwriting book came to mind and how #ellasjourney could continue into the home of children everywhere helping them to learn and write their letters!

Ella’s Handwriting book

Shout out to the illustrator by Pjkauai @shopmodstuio . When Ella passed a friend of Michelle’s posted this illustration of Angel Ella (Micaela) Superhero on our Facebook page. I loved it because it’s exactly how I envisioned our little girl, my hero. The owl comes from Ella’s favorite beanie baby animal “Hoot.” When Ella was in the hospital she kept Hoot by her side everyday. I knew once I came up with the handwriting book this beautiful illustration had to be the cover with Hoot still by her side. Click book color👇🏽👇🏽

Pink Book

Blue Book

Yellow Book

Ella and her sidekick The owl

After Ella, I didn’t know how I was going to cope with life without her but having a loving and strong wife, we’ve helped each other get through another day.

Today, our hearts are overwhelmed by the support. Help us continue #ellasjourney around the world and into the homes of children everywhere. A portion of sales will be donated to the Heart Association.

By Danny Reyes

Ella will also be a superhero to those children who would need a Little encouragement. Thank You again!

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