Let’s Go! It’s time to put the video game and the gadgets away and “Go Outside!” Help your family connect with the outdoors because physically and mentally it’s important.

  • Hang out with friends-The local park is a great way to connect with others and have some screen free fun. This also is an opportunity for your child to practice their social interacting skills.
Milz and his boys Doing Outside Activities
  • Increase Physical Activity-If your kids are into sports help them build the foundation they need to succeed. Going to the batting cages everyday can hit your pocket so think about investing in a batting net and practice your swing in your own backyard. If basketball is your thing, a portable net will provide hours of fun throughout the spring, summer and fall. If your kid loves soccer, then a ball and plenty of running space is all you need. Either way you’re being active and that gets their endorphins going.
Milz Outdoor Batting Net
  • Connect with Nature– Maybe this year you try out something you’ve never done before. Camp life..what’s it all about? I’m not sure but it’s on the list. Last year, we started taking small hikes. Check out the AllTrails app for a trail near you. Recently, we found a park near our house that rents out kayaks and canoes. Check out your local parks to see what’s going on near you. Keep in mind nature can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, creativity and can facilitate concentration.
Father & Son Canoeing.Image by @SwaggerDad
  • Manage stress– Are you concerned about how the pandemic has affected your child’s mental health? Outdoor activities can help them deal with confusion, fears, and loss. In our house we release stress by doing some outside boxing. Not only does my son release stress but he’s also building muscles and confidence at the same damn time.
Stress Reliever Father & Son Way
  • Promote Learning– Research shows that children are more attentive after recess. Playing outside sharpens thinking by providing sensory input that helps link body and mind. Remember going to school for 8 hours takes it’s toll. Once the bell rings head outside and enjoy the fresh air before heading in to do homework.

Post By Danny Reyes

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