We’re in full #teenlife mode over here with Milz! If you’re dealing with moodiness, selective listening and feeling shut out of your favorite teens life, you’re not alone. I know as a teenager if I didn’t listen to my mom the chanqleta would be flying across the room knocking me out. I made a choice that I don’t want to be that parent. I’d rather encourage positive behavior.

Here’s a few tips my family and I are implementing into our daily lives. We have to be willing to learn everyday and practice patience.

Try These Techniques

  1. Meal Time~We have to eat right? Well, let’s do it together even if it’s just a few times a week. Get everyone to join in on meal prep because teaching these young adults how to cook for themselves is a necessity. You’ll see some of your best conversations can happen on Taco Tuesday, lol.
  2. Weekend Game Nights~Invite friends over because let’s face it, if their friends are around their energy level goes “All The Way Up!”
Game Night with family and friends

 3. Fitness Activities~ Setting a healthy foundation with your kids is important. Team sports, bike riding, daily walks, or having fun in the fresh outside air. Teaching our kids to be active is not only physically important but mentally as well.

4. Get a J.O.B~ even if it’s helping out around the neighborhood. Lawn care, snow shoveling, washing cars can all serve up a bit of cash. At the same time you’re teaching your teenager to be responsible.  Learning the value of customer service, hard work, and good conduct is invaluable. These lessons can help them deal with daily tasks and relationships in the future.

5. Healthy Eating and Sleeping Habits~ This is a must. It’s like they say, “once you know better you do better.” That being said junk food is exactly that. Incorporate healthy eating habits, look at labels to see what’s in your food and get some sleep! If you and your teen gets less sleep each night or follows a poor diet, it increases mood swings and negative attitudes. It’s a fact, PERIOD.

Snow Day = $$$ Father&Son getting Paid

Each of us is unique, so parenting styles have to be adjusted to fit our children’s needs. Guiding them towards positive behaviors is a continuous process that may take time. But it can be so gratifying when you see the results!

Image by @Swaggerdad , fun tips to keep positive

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