We’re a few days away from Halloween! If you have little ones then you’re running the show and you’re part of the trick/treating crew. This year Milz is a teen and not trying to hang out walking around the neighborhood with mom and dad so we had to switch it up.

After weeks of back and forth, Milz was cool having our annual Spooktacular BUT the Teen Edition. We’re not cut off yet! #thestruggleisreal

La Familia Reyes

Once we had the “Go” we knew we couldn’t be too kiddy with it. If you have a teenager we suggest to tone things down a bit with the decor. It needs to be a cool spot, instagramable moments and lots of sweets!

Fun Activities with the teen’s image by @swaggerdad

1. First up, Donuts on a String.

The object of the game is who can finish eating their donut first with no hands and eyes shut!

  • Dozen donuts( depends on how many kids at the party, safe bet go with 2 dozen
  • A long stick, a broom stick works perfect
  • strings to hang the donuts
Fun Activities for Teens

2. Next up, the Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Save this after plenty of sugar has been consumed and the awkwardness of the beginning of the party is over. We set up a table with tools, the guts bucket, paper towel, plastic gloves and nail polish remover to erase marker drawings.

  • Pumpkin any size you prefer
  • Carving Tools
  • Marker and gloves
  • small candle
  • Guts Bucket

Milz and his friends

3. Mummify Me was next and it was a hit!

We split 15 kids up in two teams and gave them 5 minutes to create the best mummy. This game was super fun and definitely depended on teamwork. Quick tip, get toilet paper from the dollar store. You definitely don’t need the good stuff.

4. Last fun game was Balloon Tag.

We know if you put a group of kids together the energy is on 100. Take that energy and tie a balloon around their ankles and have them chase each other trying to pop the balloon. Last kid with a balloon is the winner!

Top Ten List of Spooktacular Must haves

  1. Candy
  2. Charcuterie table with easy to eat fingers foods. Get creative with it!
  3. Order pizza, it’s always a hit
  4. Teen Cooler of water/juice/soda
  5. Adult cooler- we chose beer and sangria
  6. Sweet Treats!- We saved $$ by baking our own cupcakes.
  7. Smore’s Station – Helpful tip, Aldi’s has everything you need and much cheaper.
  8. Bonfire area with cozy blankets- We have the Solo Stove, portable and easy to place wherever you need it.

9.Playlist- This was a hard one so prepare ahead. We saved ours on Spotify

10.Cash- We learned that enticing the kids with cash prizes was exactly what they needed to get motivated! LOL!!

At the end of the day all you want to do is make it fun for your teen and their friends. Our Spooktacular was a hit and we hope you can make yours a hit also. The night ended with the winner of the pumpkin craving contest and all the participants. To our surprise they all did a great job craving their pumpkins. The cash prize was $10 to the winner. This year Camila won with her carving of Winnie the Pooh. Have a happy and safe Halloween, enjoy your weekend!

By Danny Reyes

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