The #Fatherhood community is coming together to support a great dad, James Lopez ask @fatherhoodislit . James is a father of 3 sons and in April James had brain surgery and was recovering well with his family at home. Tragically James fell and is back in the hospital. James suffered a TBI(traumatic brain injury) and will need intensive rehab and medical treatment which will be costly even with insurance.

@fatherhoodislit and his son

I personally know the homie James, we met back 8-9 years ago at a fatherhood event wby NYC Dads Group. Once we met we clicked right away. Jame is all about his business but when it comes to this “fatherhood” James reps to the fullest, he loves his family. I know this is not the reason James would want to raise money for but this is what it is. That’s why we have friends and family to help in time of need and also help each other. We ask if you can contribute to his gofundme. His family and I appreciate anything you donate.

@fatherhoodislit and all his son’s

Once again we thank you for any contribution. Keep the homie in your prayers, we pray that James fully recover and continue being the amazing Dad he is to his kids and a husband to his wife. #PresenceOverPresents

By Danny Reyes

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