Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!!

This week we give big up’s to another local small business doing great things for the #Fatherhood and fashion community. Have y’all heard of Washed Dads? Well get familiar with them and their dope clothing line. Founded back in 2019 by 6 Fathers who teamed up with a mission to celebrating the many aspects of fatherhood through fashion.

Washed Dad chilling his baby wearing the classic hoodie. Image by @WashedDads

Although each of the six founders has a different history and upbringing, they all believe in the value of fatherhood. They combined their diverse professional backgrounds, as well as their love for the culture and fashion. Their mission was to create a timeless brand that will give all Dad’s a voice. They value the fact that their clothes may become a small part of your legacy.

The Fashion Friday Look by @SwaggerDad

This young brand promises to always put time into their quality of their garments and real thought into the presentation of any products that bear the Washed Dads name. If you’re a #SwaggerDad get familiar with this brand, it’s definitely #SWAGGERDADAPRROVED😎. Waiting on my order now! You know we had to put together our classic #FashionFriday look. Click the link for this look.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Washed Dad Classic Hockey Jersey




Nike Sneakers

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