Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!

Ok, it’s been a long time coming but we’re excited to introduce to you our 2022 summer t-shirt collection!

No DeadBeat Dad’s Over Here!!!

There’s levels to this “Swaggerdad” life and many of us didn’t have the example we’re trying to be out here. One thing I know for sure is you never want to be a Deadbeat Dad!

We’re all about Breaking the Cycle and realizing you can be a Dad but still have Swag!

And for those of you doing it on your own. We get it, relationships don’t always work and parents have to separate but that doesn’t mean you let your kids go too. #NoMoreDeadBeatDads

Support the movement with our Swaggerdad Tees.

Dad Vibes Only

Y’all know it’s #Fashionfriday so I had to put a look together. This is the classic Dad Vibes only Tee. It’s always a good thing when your vibration and energy is a positive light in your children’s life.

Wishisdot Watch(use code DAD2022) for 25% off

Men Shorts


Adidas SuperStars

Fatherhood Is Definitely Lit.

Growing up in the hood in New York City build me to be the person I am today. The hood could break you or make you the choice it’s yours. One thing I know for sure, once you become a dad the only “Hood” you’ll be Repin is “FATHERHOOD”…

SwaggerDad Mode Tee

Ok I had to put another look together, What do y’all think?

Remember, being on SwaggerDad Mode is a good thing. You can never go wrong with a classic look like this one.

Ray Ban sunglasses

Wishisdot Watch (use code DAD2022) for 25% off

Dad’s shorts

Air Jordan 1 Low SE Nike

By Danny Reyes

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