Thank God it’s FRIDAY!!

If you’re a basketball fan you already know it’s Playoffs time. Although the game was close Kyrie took it upon himself to will his team to victory against Atlanta on his son’s birthday! Now that’s priceless #dadmoves.The Nets are seeded 7th and will face the Boston Celtics this weekend. See below for Kyrie’s special message to his son.

You know we had to put a look together, it’s the Brooklyn way! Get your basketball gear ready and head out and play some B-ball with your kids or even your homies this weekend. Make sure you tune in on Easter Sunday.

Look by @SwaggerDad

Nike Backpack

Biggie Smalls T-Shirt

Bose Headphones

Sports Socks

Apple Watch

Nike Shorts

Nike Sneakers

This is the Nets 3rd year in a row in the playoffs. Let’s see if Kevin Durant and Kyrie can carry this Brooklyn team to a championship run. It’ll be hard but these former NBA Champions know what it takes to win it all. Good luck to both of you and the whole Brooklyn Nets team.

Kyrie Irving wishing his Son Happy Birthday after beating Atlanta. Video by Brooklyn Nets

May you all enjoy your Holiday weekend and blessings to your families~Passover, Easter and Eid Mubarak

By Danny Reyes

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