Let’s get to it, you have a teen and ish is changing!

Here are 5 major changes in your teen’s hygiene and moods that you will need to learn how to navigate. #TeenLife

TeenLife with Milz
  1. ODOR Your teenager will be surprised by the hormonal and physical changes he/she will go through. A shower a day and I don’t play !!! Deodorant is a must.
  2. EATING They’re getting older and their stomachs are always hungry. Teach them good habits and how to chill on the sugar. Reading labels is important. If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t put it in your body. Periodt.
  3. ATTITUDES “I know!” How many times have we heard that? Ya’ll have genius’ on your hands, lol. These kids feel like they know it all. It’s time to teach kids to seek the truth for themselves rather than being demoralized by being repeatedly told that they are incorrect. So let them live, for now lol.
  4. SLEEP Yes you will see that your teen can sleep all day if you let them. Your teen will no longer pop up at 7am on a Saturday morning to watch his favorite cartoons. Teens growing bodies and minds require as much as nine and a half hours of sleep each night. In our house, screen time kicks in and it’s time to hit the pillow at 10pm.
  5. RISK TAKER That’s right your teen ain’t little anymore. Now that they’re teenagers their curiosity expands to another level. Consider this, your teen may enjoy physical activities, which frequently puts them at danger for harm. As they grow older, nothing about this stays the same, but the threat does. However, as teens grow into young adults they must challenge themselves and take risks for their mental development. Last week, Milz took a tumbler after trying do a wheely on his bike. Needless to say we were a little shook when he came home a little bloody.
Milz After trying do a Whelly on his Bike!

Teen life is challenging but take a moment before you respond to the daily #teenlife situations. How we react is how we teach. Good luck and remember to stay two steps ahead!

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