Let’s do this Dad’s! My goal is to get you gift guides for Dad, Mom, Teens, Kids and Family by Black Friday! How about we try something different and get our shopping done by the end of November and actually enjoy December! It may not happen but it’s worth a try, lol.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide @swaggerdad

Bose Headphones These noise cancellation headphones are definitely on the list. Listen to your jams in peace. ‘Nuff said

Classic Men Trimmer This right here is a must have. You got hair in many places. Your trimming game needs to be on point. This trimmer is waterproof and easy to clean. Simply, the perfect gift for your dad.

Household Tool Box Dad needs a tool set. Even if he’s not that handy he can at least play the part, lol.

Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker You can’t start a party or the BBQ if you don’t have the right speaker. Or make your New Year’s party 🔥 lit this year!#2023

Massage Gun Now if you’re an athlete or into fitness you know a massage gun is one of the things you need to keep your body loose. Also, wifey will love it too.

PowerXL Air Fryer This multi cooker is one of my favorites as a dad that cooks. Listen, a little secret to impress the family is look up Tiktok air fryer recipes and you’re on your way!

Classic Wishdoit Watch

WishDoIt Watch Hey if you don’t have $100k no worries. For a few hundred bucks you can get a clean look that’ll go with almost any outfit.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic 

Red Wing Boots Keep your dad swag on point. you can’t never go wrong with a pair of Red Wing Heritage boots. It’s a must have for every man that like a pair for comfortable boot.

Classic Flannel Shirt

Classic Flannel Shirt You can’t never go wrong with a nice flannel button up to go with your denim and your red wing boots? you’ll be ready for any family occasion. For more Dad gifts guide click Here!

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