How exciting! It’s time to choose a brand new (or used, whichever) car and you’re ready to go looking and researching into the best car options for your family. Choosing a new car is an exciting thing to do as it gives you the chance for freedom. It enables you to get on the road and be out there whenever you want, and it’s also going to be one of the biggest purchases that you ever make. Whether you are buying a car just for you or you’re buying a car focusing on the family, you need to consider what you want. You can choose between a Land Rover and a Mini Cooper, but if you want to start off-roading, the Mini Cooper wouldn’t be the best idea. You have to consider a lot when you buy into a new car and a new brand, but here are the four essential things that you have to remember when you are choosing a new car.

*Look for safety ratings and records. Are you really going to get into a vehicle that is unsafe in any way? Of course, you won’t! You want to be all about the fun and feel confident out on the roads, so it really does matter whether the car you choose is safe. You need to know that the airbags are working, that it has the right points for any car seats and that it’s gone through rigorous safety checks before being sold. Always look for the car with the best safety ratings and features!

*Consider the size. Do you have a family or are you hoping to have one? If you don’t plan to buy another car in a couple of years, perhaps consider the size of the car you are about to buy. You wouldn’t buy a car that had two seats if you have kids, so choose a larger, safer car that is equipped enough to take on the car seats necessary. Plan ahead with this one, too, as you want to ensure that you are buying a car that offers you enough space to expand the family when you’re ready!

*What can you afford? It’s probably the most important consideration here, but you need to ensure that you can actually afford the cars you’re looking at! If you’re looking at cars that can fit your budget you are one step ahead. You should also consider the costs of added extras, like repainting or changing the licence plate that you may need to do.

*What’s your weather like? Sounds strange, but if you live in an area that gets a lot of flooding you might consider a bigger vehicle that can handle a mini flood or two. If you live in the sticks with a lot of fields surrounding you, you might choose a car that can handle being off road. You should consider whether you live in severe heat, as that will determine whether air conditioning is important to you, too.

Post contribute by David Wright

Cover Photo by Jose Carbajal

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