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Hope everyone had a great week. We here at SwaggerDad would like to congratulate the Teaneck Southern Baseball league for winning a few district 6 Championships this year. Starting with the 8-9-10u girls softball team, 8-9-10u boys baseball, 12u boys baseball, the junior boys baseball team and the Seniors boys baseball team. It was a great year for Teaneck Baseball, way to play ball!

The Softball Girls Champs

Led by these great Coaches Ryan Rottner, Bryant Caba, Hiro Yamaguchi and Jeff Hernandez. Players from left, Melany Marmol, Maddie Collado, Brielle Mauer, Mia Castro, Brooke Shiber, Mikayla Caba, Isabella Rottner, Juliana Hernandez, Kayla Hall, Sophia Velastegui and Ellie Brito. Great Job girls!

The 8-9-10u Boys Champs

Front Players from Left to Right: Michael Zavala, Joseangelo Perez, Joshua Perez, Jayden Blain, Julius Ortiz, Orian Johnson, Jaidon Santana. Back Players and Coaches from Left to Right: Aneudy Perez, Ariston Perez, Myles Scott, Mason Harley, Osmani Richardson, Steve Negrin, Armando Ortiz

The 12U Boys Champs

Led by coaches Japhus Johnson, Ikaika Moler, Grayson Abbruzzese, Hugh Hardyman, Dante Eastmond and manager Travis Meyer.

Players: Deyton Walcott, Christian Davis, Jalen Johnson, Max Brown, Brandon Meyer, Ian Fineman,Jayden Castro, Ian Munoz, Rui Macaluso, Joey Hardyman and Chase Eastmond

The Senior Boys Champs

Led by the coaches Kelvin Sanchez, Manny Vargas and Manager Jeff Hernandez

Players from left, bottom row, Christian Ramos, Jack Ruditzky, Middle row, Gabe Castro, David Pardo, Jaden Perez, Nicholas Hernandez, Marcos Castro, Alex Sanchez, Josh Cruz and Top row, Elias Candelario, Ethan Shaded, Dhruv Vengurlekar, Randy Mirander, Justin Meyer, Aidan Vargas , Eli Rojas. Also Darlyn Arias is on the team.

The Juniors Boys Champs, Image by @momikmilz

The Juniors Boys Champs, Image by @momikmilz

Now this team right hurrr 13u District 6 Champs is special to me because my son is on the team and I help coach. I’ve been coaching at Teaneck southern since Milian was 5yrs old and finally we won our 1st championship together! It’s dope when you get to coach your son but to win a Championship together it’s #Priceless.

That being said, I’d like to give a big shout out to these boys .Although we lost in sectionals, they played their heart out. Starting with the first game when we came back from a 9-2 deficit to win 10-9 wow!!! It is fair to say that’s the biggest comeback in “sectionals” history? (gotta find that out). That was the best game I’ve been apart off in all my time coaching. Thank you for an exciting year I will never for get it.

Led by our Manager Jeff Hernandez and coaches Dan Moya and myself.

Players from left, Matt Alegria, Gabe St.Hilaire-Urbina, Kenny Marmol, Julian Vasquez, Will Odige Jr, Rajan Luciano, Jalen Babb, Matt Moya, Alex Cabrera, Jack Daniels, Alex Tomlinson, Josh Odei and Milian Reyes.

Again congratulations on being districts champs but we have work to do so make sure you stay “Baseball” active. We will be back for sectionals next year, our goal is to win it and move on. Shout out to all the parents too who support their kids. Thank You.

Father & Son Danny and Milian Reyes image by @swaggerdad

Father & Son Danny and Milian Reyes image by @swaggerdad

Guest writer Milian Reyes

Hi everyone, let me start by thanking my coaches Dan Moya, my dad Danny and Jeff Hernandez. I was honored to have the opportunity to play on a travel team. I’ve been playing baseball now for 8yrs . It feels great to win my first championship with my dad. I know my team and I would have loved to win sectionals but we came up short. Next year my goal is to win another championship and go to back to States! I can’t believe we made the local paper!

Why is it important to play a team sport?

  1. You can earn a scholarship for college.

  2. It teaches problem solving and strategy.

  3. You have to listen and work together to achieve a goal.

  4. Helps to build self confidence.

  5. If you work hard you can become a pro player one day and make a lot of money!


By Danny & Milian Reyes

Teams Photos by @TeaneckSouthern

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