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I’m back at it with a new post. Monday’s around our house is about making moves. So this time I wanted to share a book my dad got for me when I was 11yrs old. The book is Called “Keys To Success For Kids” by Caleb Maddix. My parents always push me to read books, “Knowledge is Power” is what they both tell me everyday. So, I finally gave in and I read the book. I have to tell you I really liked it. The cool part, it was written by a 16yr old. That’s inspiring for a young teenager like myself.

Ok, for those that don’t like to read …this book is short and to the point.
Here’s something I learned, “The 3 R’s” Recognize, Refresh and React.

I think us kids can relate to this example.

Always recognize the situation whenever you find yourself getting in trouble. For instance, maybe you didn’t listen to your parents when they said, “clean your room!” Once you recognize the situation you want to refresh and accept responsibility. Then You react, which means you make a decision and start cleaning your room without your parents telling you to do so.


How do you become successful?
1. Find your mentor.
My mentor is my dad. Who in your life do you look up to? It could be a family member, teacher, friend. Whoever it is ask them to be your mentor and learn what makes them successful.

2. Set goals!
What’s something you want to achieve? It may not be today or tomorrow..maybe it’s next year! Well think about it and set your daily goals on how you’re going to ACHIEVE IT.

Here are 3 of my goals.

a. Hit a baseball to the outfield fence. Although I hit a shot right over the 2nd baseman this season, I want to hit it further. So, what do I need to do? You guessed it..I have to practice more. My dad got me the home batting practice net, so I swing the bat 50 times a day.

b. Learn how to cook. My mom and grandma are the best cooks I know. To be honest I’m not so into food but recently my parents got really sick with covid. I didn’t even know how to make them a meal. This made me realize it’s time to learn the basics. I’ve started to help my parents in the kitchen. This month I was the salad maker! Lol

c. I want to get ripped and buff. My dad always said you don’t need to be a bodybuilder but you need to stay in shape. I started working out this summer with my dad, my goal for next summer is to have a 6 pack and be stronger. Heading to High School in a couple of years so I need to make sure I can handle myself and look good for the ladies lol.

image By Milian Reyes

image By Milian Reyes

4. Finally, Caleb Maddix says make Everyday a daily routine. My mom and I were both getting frustrated with each other. I was spending too much time on video games and when she got home from work and asked what I did all day she wasn’t so happy. Now, she creates a daily check list and I know what I need to accomplish before game time.

9am Breakfast

9:30 to 12pm Swaggerdad internship

12-1pm read a book

1-1:30 Lunch

2-3pm workout

3-5pm game time

6-7pm help cook

7-8pm Dinner with the family

8-10pm family time

10:30pm sleep

Repeat everyday.

By Milian Reyes

Cover Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

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