Thank God IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!

Wow, this past Father’s Day was one to remember. Winning a Championship on Father’s Day is sweet but winning number 54 is even sweeter! Congratulations to my team Carver MoBB for winning our 54th Championships. I remember winning our first chip back in 1997 and it’s 2021 and we’re still winning! #Priceless

image by @carvermobb

image by @carvermobb

Yes we’re a team but we’re also a family. When you’re part of a team that cares about family more than winning, it’s the best feeling in the world. When you take care of the family everything else will fall in place. Lucky for us, we’ve been winning for the past 24 years, wow how ironic it is that my football number is 24, The Great 24. Numbers don’t lie!

We gotta salute Paul River aka the Greatest coach of all times OG Pamz for building a dynasty. We also gotta salute the man, the myth, the legend Chuck Martinez aka the GREATEST QB of All times “Chucky.” Both Pamz and Chuck built a winning culture at Carver Mobb. By the way they both from “Carver” Projects in NYC. Hence where the name came from “CarverMobb.”

The Greats, Moya&Ella, Coach Pamz, Chucky and Wes

The Greats, Moya&Ella, Coach Pamz, Chucky and Wes

It’s #FashionFriday so this week’s look was inspired by Carver Mobb! Stay fresh to death!

Champion Style

Champion Style

You know I had to hook it up for the MoBB. FYI those nike sneakers are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned . Thanks to Dick’s for hooking my family up!

Champion T-shirt

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Brand Jordan Shorts

Stance Socks

Nike 270

Again Congratulations to Carver Mobb for winning our 54th Championship. Now it’s time to chill until we start back up in September for our Quest to 55! I’ve been saying this for the past 24 years “Offense Wins Games, DEFENSE WINS CHIPS”

Can’t wait til September!

Side note, after my wife and son witnessed this epic game with me they turned to me and said how happy they were not only for the win but for the family I have in this team. It’s important for Dad’s to have time that’s dedicated to themselves just as it is for moms. Every Sunday I hit the field with my guys, we love the game, we scream, we play hard and we love winning. I need this and my family understands…it’s all about balance. Find your passion and take time for yourselves. Your family will thank you for it:)

Team Carver Mobb

Pamz, Chuck, Wes, Booboo, Al,Cable Guy, Mijo, Reem, Hen Dog, Matt Riddick, Naz, Jay9, Jay D, Michael, Leel, Chulo, Manny, Dre, Will, Loe, J Bryant, Skip Capture, JB.

By Danny “Moya” Reyes

Cover Photo by Carver Mobb

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