Thank God it’s FRIDAY!!!!

It’s about to go down, Sources tell ESPN that Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has reached a verbal agreement to sell the franchise for $1.5 billion to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and e-commerce mogul Marc Lore, confirming multiple rumors.

The NBA has yet to approve the deal, and neither side has publicly declared a settlement. It’s only a matter of time.

Image by @Arod

Image by @Arod

The NBA’s board of governors must approve every sale of an NBA team. The Timberwolves would be the league’s second franchise to be sold this year. Gail Miller and her family agreed to sell the Utah Jazz to Ryan Smith in October, and the deal was completed after the board of governors approved it in December. Alex will become the first Dominican to own a NBA team. As a Dominican myself, it’ll be a proud moment when the deal is finalized.

Image by @Arod, Dominica own David Ortiz, Juan Soto and Arod. #DominicanPower

Image by @Arod, Dominica own David Ortiz, Juan Soto and Arod. #DominicanPower

We want to salute this #swaggerdad, Arod on opening the doors for future Hispanic owners in professional sports. We play the game, we watch the game, we support the game and now we should be part owners of the game. Watching Arod go from ballplayer to owner has been a ride. It shows you if you’re determined to achieve greatness it will happen. Thank You for leading by example for your fans and also your daughters.

Image by @Arod, Alex Rodriguez and his two daughters.

Image by @Arod, Alex Rodriguez and his two daughters.

It’s #FashionFriday, so you know we had to put an outfit together inspired by your boy Alex Rodriguez. Alex is doing it all, he also has a sneaker collection by Alma Mater, check it out below. Once again congratulations to Alex for this historic moment in sports history.

Collection put together  by @swaggerdad

Collection put together by @swaggerdad

Sweat Shirt by Triangulo Swag

Sunglasses by Ray Ban

696 Sneakers by Alma Mater Footwear

Marshall Jogger by Carthartt

What’s next Arod?

Ya’ll have a great weekend!!! Weather is getting better. About time. Enjoy!

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by Arod Corp

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