First and for most Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Hope y’all enjoyed your day.

Ever since the lock down and the pandemic, screen time for kids has sky rocketed . If you Google “kids and screen time,” you’ll find a slew of articles showing you how much they’ve had this year and all the bad stuff it’s doing to them, as if we haven’t been with our kids almost 24 hours a day and don’t know what’s going on.
I know exactly what’s going on, from virtual school at 8:30am to 1pm to Fortnite. As a parent we have to monitor our kids screen time. I know it’s hard especially when you have a 13 year old. I’m struggling now for some Daddy and Me time ..that I had to put my foot down!

image by @SwaggerDad Life with Milian

image by @SwaggerDad Life with Milian

The Future is here, technology has taken over our world. I don’t care how much technology is out there, as parents we have to install and enforce the rules of engagement with other people. We can’t let “screen time” get in the way of our time together.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started.

Image by @SwaggerDad

Image by @SwaggerDad

1.Quality Family Time, Now that things are opening up take the advantage of spending quality time with the family. Lucky for us we had the pleasure of going to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the Kaws Exhibit. Museums are great places to check out and get in touch with your creative side.

2.Join a Club, whether it’s an art club, cooking club or even a sports club have them join something they can be around other kids. My son plays baseball so that cuts a whole lot of “free” screen time away.(Thank God for baseball) and I coach so we get to spend a lot of time together.

3.Do Activities Together A great way to spend a lot of time together is by doing things like bike riding, hiking, shooting ball, playing catch or even start working out together. Not only are you spending time but y’all are staying healthy in the meantime. If you’re less active trying doing a puzzle together. Start with framing the puzzle and then compete to see who can fill in more pieces.

4. Screen Time Together, Yes if you can’t beat’m join’m.

*Watch a movie together and when the movie is over discuss the main points, favorite characters etc.

*Pick an industry and google it. Right now I’m showing and teaching my son about Cryptocurrency something that I think is here to stay.

*Apps, Maybe you want to learn a new language together. Check out apps like Duolingo and get started practicing together.

*Photography~ Building memories are priceless. Everyone in the family with cell phones make it a point to capture family time and build photo books together at the end of the month. I told my son if you want to spend time on your phone or computer you need to at least find something productive. I also let him pick, so I’m learning a lot about “Fortnite” lol

5.Listen To Your Child This is the best one in my opinion, because this is the opportunity you have to talk to your child. As a parent I’ll like to know what’s going on in Milz’s life. You should aways know what your Childs interests and dreams are.

Remember, everyday we lead by example. If we’re on our phone all day what can we expect from our kids. IF we’re PRESENT they’ll how to be present too.

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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