Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!

NYC was lit this week! Now, that weed is legalized in New York State the city was on smoke-a-thon. Another year and 4/20 is becoming a holiday. Man times have changed, they were handing out free joints @ Bryant Park!

This week we wanted to shout out LES Clothing Co., a small boutique down in the heart of the lower Eastside 40 Clinton Street . We love supporting small businesses to the fullest! That’s what keeps our economy going, so if you can support any small business please do.

image by @LESClothing

image by @LESClothing

L.E.S Clothing stand for “LOYALTY EQUALS STRENGTH” . CEO and father of two , Rob is loyal to all his friends and mostly his family. Repping for over 10 years and still strong check him out if you’re in NYC. LES Clothing Co specialize in Hoodies, Hats and T-shirts. Tell’m Swaggerdad sent you for that discount!

image by @LESClothingCo

image by @LESClothingCo

FYI Rob is not only a store owner but he’s also a trademark lawyer by day, the hustle don’t stop. Rob didn’t waste any time when Gov Cuomo announced that weed will be legalized. He took advantage and trademarked “Lower East Side Cannabis Enterprises LLC”, and came up with a new line of hoodies and snapback hat.

To all my smokers, go grab a fresh hoodie and hat to match and purchase some Mary Jane at the same damn time! You know It’s FRIDAY so you know we had tp put an outfit together brought to you by LES Clothing Co.

image by @SwaggerDad

image by @SwaggerDad

Now this is a classic look. Chill and smoke type of outfit! Remember Smoke Responsibly and Enjoy your weekend!

LES Snapback

LES Hoodie

Polo Sweat Pant

Stance socks

Air Max Nike

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by LES Clothing Co.

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