What does it mean to be a good dad? It may seem like a simple question, but it’s surprisingly tough to answer when you grew up without an involved father. However, just because you don’t have an example to follow doesn’t mean you can’t break the cycle and be a great dad. Use these tips from Swaggerdad to get in touch with what fatherhood is all about.

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Be an involved Dad

Dads do more than provide. Dads play an important role in their children’s development and kids with involved fathers have better outcomes in school and life.

  • Love, safety, and respect are the foundation of healthy family relationships. Dads connect with children by practicing active listening, participating in daily routines, and verbally expressing their love.

  • Eating dinner together and helping with schoolwork and bedtime incorporates family time into daily routines, but it’s also important to schedule special activities that make memories with your children.

  • Discipline is a necessary part of raising children, but do it right. Harsh punishments aren’t effective. Instead, parents should focus on rewarding good behavior and applying consistent and age-appropriate consequences.

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Model good values

Modeling is one of the best ways to mold children into well-rounded humans. Modeling is the everyday actions that set an example for your children.

  • Parents are how children learn life skills like self-control, communication, empathy, and resilience. Be intentional about incorporating life lessons into your daily routines as a parent.

  • Patience allows you to guide your children through difficult moments and show love even when things are hard. Be mindful of how you respond to your children and practice keeping your emotions in check.

  • When children feel comfortable making mistakes, they grow into confident adults. Encourage kids to try new things, explore their interests, and set goals by doing the same for yourself.

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Maintain your sense of self

Fatherhood is your most important role, but you’re so much more than a dad. Balancing your many interests and identities isn’t always easy, but it is possible to live an empowered life while being a great dad.

  • You may have less time and money as a dad, but you don’t have to ditch all your hobbies. Look for less time-consuming ways to enjoy your favorite pastimes or look for hobbies that integrate with family time, like coaching a kids’ sports league.

  • Active hobbies help dads stay fit. An active lifestyle also sets a great example for kids, increases your energy, and reduces stress.

  • These days you don’t need to quit your job to go back to school. You can learn real-world skills like IT from online colleges and use what you already know to earn your degree faster.

  • Dating is complicated as a single dad. When you’re ready to date, be honest and avoid introducing dates to your children too soon. It’s important to choose the right time to introduce a romantic partner to your kids.

The responsibility of parenthood can feel overwhelming at times, but being a good dad doesn’t have to be complicated. Spend time with your family, be a good role model, and set goals for your family and yourself. Want to learn about maintaining your swag while being a dad? Visit Swaggerdad for more informative resources on fatherhood.

Guest Post By Hannah Simpson

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