We as parents know our children need our guidance and assistance as they progress through life. Mishaps and errors in judgment are just normal parts of growing up and learning to cope with the world, so you being patient helps them learn. Our goal is to teach them the benefits of our wisdom as they grow up and go on to lead their own lives. Showing patience is one aspect of that wisdom, so be careful to demonstrate it as often as possible.

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We want to show our children that we love them all the time and patience helps us show our love. We want to be there for our children in both good times and bad – when they celebrate accomplishments and as they go through situations for which they need to find solutions. Having the patience to understand them will help us be there for them to show our support.

Everyday you have the opportunity to model the values that y’all want your children to incorporate into their lives as they mature into adults. Today, I am patient with my son and I look forward to someday seeing him show patience to his own children as well. #BreakingTheCycle

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Here are a few questions you can self-reflection on.

  1. What are some smart ways to encourage good behavior in your children?

  2. How can you ensure that you have patience with your children, even when they or you have a challenging day?

  3. How else can you show your children how much you love them?

By Danny Reyes

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