Who wants to be a hero and help save our planet? If you’re someone who likes clean clothes and would like to help the environment at the same time, read on!

Did you know there’s 700 million plastic laundry jugs on a landfill a year? Not counting all the other stuff that comes in plastic bottles. How crazy is that? Thank God for companies like “Earth Breeze” who are on a mission to reduce that number with their eco friendly laundry soap(sheets).

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They came to the conclusion that there had to be a better method to do laundry. That’s when they came up with the idea for Earth Breeze. They sought to develop a green and sustainable washing solution that is not only good for the environment but also good for your clothes. They have developed zero-waste packaging that emits 94 percent fewer carbon emissions during transportation. Now that’s dope.

Image by @SwaggerDad

They are sincerely attempting to transform the way we do laundry. People will do laundry now, tomorrow, and for many years to come. It is an unavoidable part of our life but there is a better way to go about it. They hope people will give the product a try, enjoy the benefits, and assist them in making a difference.

Quick facts about Earth Breeze, when you purchased a package they donate 10 loads of detergent to nonprofits and charitable organizations,including homeless shelters, homeless outreach, veterans organizations, women’s shelters, animal care shelters, disaster relief and more. Here are a few things they accomplished in the short time they been around. Earthbreeze is revolutionizing the laundry industry.

-1 pack is $20 but if you subscribe, it will only cost $12
-You can bury the packaging of Earth Breeze as compost 🙂
– You can use Earth Breeze for manual hand washing too. Just soak the eco-sheets in water first.
Saved 750,000 plastic detergent jugs
-Kept 562,436 pounds of plastic out of landfills and our oceans
-Planted 14,135 trees
-6 beach cleanups

After using Earth Breeze for about a month my family and I are satisfied with the results. Now they can add me to the 200,000 subscribers they have. We all can do our part to help save this planet for generations to come. Be an Eco Hero and join the movement! Oh did I mention it’s all Plant based!
Be part of a growing Community who wants to make a difference in this world. Our kids and their kids need our help NOW before there’s no safe world for them to live in. #SWAGGERDADAPPROVED !

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo By @SwaggerDad

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