What up Fellas today, we highlight a Dad who wrote his first kids book and let me tell you it’s a good one! Daniel Olcsvary better known as @_Kungfutheater_ , is an early Childhood educator for eighteen years, making a positive impact in his classroom on hundreds of students. Daniel is the “cool” teacher known throughout the school as “Mr. O,” Daniel. He realized that inspiring the youth was part of his life’s mission. Daniel has also spent the last twelve years in the behavioral field, providing in home services and developing positive coping strategies for children with different behavioral challenges.

Photo By @_Kungfutheater_

Photo By @_Kungfutheater_

Daniel put his writing skills to the test and wrote a book called “Max The Magnet’s Magnificent Journey, A Shift From Negative To Positive”. This book will show your child 12yrs and under how to control their emotions. We all know how kids emotions can go from zero to 100! This book will explain in a fun way how to shift your kids emotions from negative to positive. They’ll learn how to write in a journal, meditate, and even learn how breathing can create relaxation.

As parents we gotta show our children how to control their emotions and stay calm in any situation. Teaching them from an early age will help build a foundation that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

#SwaggerDadApproved this message, get your copy now it’s a great book to read!

Post By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by Mind Write Publishing

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