Get involved in communities

There are probably lots of different communities both on the internet and in your local area that get involved with sports. Try and find a community for a sport that young your child love and don’t be afraid to get involved. Speak to them about the latest games on television, ask for advice on how to improve and meet with them locally to play together. This is a great way to find communities to talk about specific sports that are considered a little less popular. For instance, there are clay pigeon shooting communities where you can ask for shooting tips or even places to get involved if you’re unsure where to go.

Photo by Kelli McClintock 

Photo by Kelli McClintock

Playing a sport is not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick to being a spectator. No, you can participate and even lead teams and players to a road of success in many different ways. It all begins with your own mindset. The coach, the investor, the stock and shareholders, or even the employee in the business has to have a winning mentality. Just like the athletes who run, jump and tackle on the field, you have to have the mindset of winning through sheer hard work and dedication. But you’re maybe you have never thought about sport in this way before. You are what sporting terms suggest, a ‘green thumb’. Well, that can change overnight if you want it to. Firstly, you should look at sports in a different manner. It’s not just something your participate in, but it can be a way of life. A lifestyle choice also means possible new ways of earning a living.

Photo by Keith Johnston 

Photo by Keith Johnston

Don’t say it, do it

Maybe you’re an addict of some kind of sport. You just can’t get enough of baseball and you never miss a game of your team or even the entire series. You know what could happen even before it happens. It’s like you have a manager’s mindset, you know which player you need to put in when the going gets tough to win the game. Then you can start off small by pursuing some kind of little league managerial career. Get involved in the sport in a manner that you have always wanted to do. Sure, you might want to grow and enter into the big leagues one day but you must start off small. You’ll learn about the sport in a much more in depth capacity and begin coaching or helping out the coaching staff in some form.

Earn from the play

Every single time there is a major game on of some kind in some sport, somewhere someone is earning from it. They are so knowledgeable about the sport they love that they will put up or shut up. That’s the thing about being a lifelong supporter of a particular sport, you get to know about the ins and outs. Using payperhead24/7 you can begin a business that offers this kind of service out to similarly minded people. Those that love the sport can be given the chance to earn from it, as the bookmaking services are mainly done through phone calls and online betting. It brings in a lot of money from the sports themselves as they want more eyes fixated on the intense matches and games. 

Photo by Morning Brew

Photo by Morning Brew

Start a podcast

If you always end a game by ranting, raving or making very knowledgeable summaries of what you have just witnessed, then why not share those views? Start a podcast with just your smartphone even. Talk about what you think went right and or wrong for your team and the plays that were made. Upload it to SoundCloud, YouTube and various social media platforms to grow your community and brand.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in sports but all too often the majority of us decide not to take our love for the team that far. However the options are clearly out there for you to exploit them. 

By Dan Tomson

Cover Photo by Jose Morales 

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