We live in an age where our kids are aware of tech far younger than ever before. Children as young as three may ask to watch YouTube through a phone screen, while youngsters learn to type messages faster than we knew possible by as early as ten. And, this seems to be the case even when we don’t give in to their urgings for phones of their own.

That’s because, often, youngsters become adept at finding their way into parental phones at every opportunity. Even if you don’t permit them, you may turn around to find them flicking through your messages, or working their way through your apps at any time. 

Not only can this lead to them seeing things they shouldn’t, but it also develops mobile phone addictions that you should avoid. This is a pressing problem for modern kids, and, as can be seen on https://parenting.firstcry.com, it can do a fair amount of damage. 

But, if your children are using your phone the second you turn around, what exactly can you do about it? It isn’t like you’re handing the thing to them without thought, after all!

Photo by Gaelle Marcel 

Photo by Gaelle Marcel 

Luckily, there are easy enough solutions to stop even unwarranted phone use, and we’re going to look at them here. 

Never get into the phone habit

Perhaps the best and easiest way to keep kids off your phone is to never get them into the habit of using it. Giving them a YouTube video may seem great while you’re shopping, but it’s asking for trouble. After all, young kids may struggle to understand why they can’t then use your phone whenever they fancy. Instead, make sure to pack things like their toys, coloring books, or something to read. It might not quite have the ease of a quick video, but you can bet your kids will be far less likely to reach for your phone if they’ve never used it in the past. 

Photo by Aaron Burden 

Photo by Aaron Burden 

Pay attention to where your phone is at all times

If you want to look after your phone from now on, it’s also worth paying attention to where it is at all times. If your kids see it sticking out of your bag or unobserved on the table, then they probably won’t think twice about picking it up. But, if your phone is in your pocket out of reach, the thought won’t even cross their minds. Even if they do want to use it, they’ll need to come through you first, leaving you in a far better position to keep an eye on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. 

Photo by Alexandar Todov 

Photo by Alexandar Todov 

Use a lock they can’t break into

If you aren’t the best at remembering to keep your phone close, why not think about the protections you use instead? After all, your kids will soon get bored and stop trying to mess around with your phone if they can’t get into it. Where young kids are concerned, simple password protection should be all it takes to make this work for you. Do note, though, that as kids get older, they have an astounding ability to observe and retain password information. In this instance, you may need to take things further with a phone that’s fingerprint enabled like the Xone Phone reviewed on theravingtrends.com. This feature adds an extra level of protection that ensures you can leave your phone wherever you fancy and still guarantee your kids won’t be able to gain access.

This post was contribute by  Marie Sims

Cover Photo by Андрей Гаврилюк

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