Life comes at your fast. You are 20 years old one minute and the next minute you are not in your 20s anymore. All of that time you spent it sitting in your car, at a desk or on the couch. Gone are the days where you can run a marathon. Because of all that sitting, you could be doing serious harm to your health. That is why it is important to stay active, no matter how young or old you are.

Make staying active a part of your daily lifestyle. Provide yourself opportunities to move if you cannot make it to a gym or you do not feel like running. Here are some activities you can do right now to keep an active lifestyle.

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash


Walking is the easiest, quickest way to implement exercise. You do not have to walk 10 miles in order to feel the benefits either. If your goal is to burn calories, walk fast and walk longer than each walk than the one before. You can also utilize a pedometer to keep track of your steps. You should be walking at least 10,000 steps a day.

Do not limit your walks to flat surfaces that are boring. Spice it up a bit. Walk uphill or use your arms to swing them against your body. By switching up the variety of your walk, you could burn some serious calories. If walking outside is not an option, you can always walk around the mall or do a step exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash

Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash

Stand Up While Working

Whether you go into the office to work or you work from home, standing up while you work is another way you can stay active. You could implement a standing desk. By pressing a button your sitting desk can transition to a calorie-burning machine. Standing up takes more energy than sitting down, so try standing up while shotting off those early morning emails. In the event you are not able to get a standing desk or stand while you are working, it is recommended that you take five-minute breaks every hour.

Fidgeting Is Good For You

For some people, standing at work is not an option at all. Luckily, there are other ways you can incorporate getting some much-needed activity to your workday. Instead of sitting on a typical work chair, get an exercise ball. Swap it out from time to time throughout your day. Not only will you get to bounce on the fun exercise ball, but you will also engage your core which does wonders for burning calories. When you sit on an exercise ball, it forces you to stabilize your abs. When all else fails, take quick breaks and walk up a few flights of stairs. Consider pacing the room when you are on the phone. These may seem like small, insignificant changes but they make all the difference when it comes to keeping an active lifestyle.

Get A Dog

If the thought of getting exercise makes you want to hurl, consider getting a dog. Your exercise will be masked with keeping your dog active and healthy. It is the perfect excuse. When you walk your dog, you will not even realize that you are getting a much-needed walk as well. Your pet can also serve as your accountability partner that will not judge you. All they want to do is go outside and catch the ball around the yard, or sniff around with your off road trail guide. You will be able to play and bond with your furry friend while also getting the exercise you need.

Clean Regularly

Making sure that you stay active during the week may involve you keeping your place clean. You may be thinking what does the two have to do with each other, but they correlate. When you clean your home, you are using muscles that may not typically be used. The best part is you will not even realize it. Think about how heavy your dirty laundry basket is. You may have to haul that from your room to the laundry room. The same thing can be said about hauling a vacuum cleaner around the house. Cleaning a shower that also serves as a tub can also be a challenging thing to clean, particularly if you are not trying to douse yourself with water while you are doing it.

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

You can make things interesting by squeezing your butt every time you walk around the house, no matter what cleaning task you may be doing. These are creative and easy ways you can stay active even if you do not have the time.

Post contribute by Henry Salsa

Cover Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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