Good day fellas, this post is truly for all the “SwaggerDad”s’ out there.. You know there is a lot of pressure placed on dads. Their first priority is obviously their kids, but there are also other commitments and responsibilities that have to be balanced: relationships, work, health. There is also a social life if you get the chance! It can be hard to find room for anything else in such a busy lifestyle? What about fashion and appearance – does the modern dad really have time to stay on trend? We think so! Just look at David Beckham. Ok, so, he has a pretty healthy pay packet but he has a large family,  work commitments, a social life. a good relationship and looks pretty dapper! Here, we look at how you can juggle the responsibilities of fatherhood while still being fashionable.

Make sure your clothes fit

One of the fastest ways to look out dated and scruffy is by wearing clothes that don’t fit you properly. If they are too big, it looks untidy and shapeless. If they are too small, they look silly and try too hard as well as being uncomfortable. 

It can be tempting to squeeze into those skinny jeans you bought before the kids came along, but if they don’t fit you, go shopping. You might not be able to pull off the skinnies anymore, but there will be a style or shape that fits you and looks great. Size up if you need to – ignore the number on the label.

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

Go for neutral blocks of color

Bright and bold patterns are by no means off-limits, but blocks of neutral(ish) colors such as navy, dark grey, olive, maroon and camel are foolproof and never go out of style. It also means that you can mix and max pieces for a much more versatile wardrobe. You can then add fun and pattern in your accessories.

Consider your accessories and shoes

Your accessories and footwear is where you can be a little bolder and have more fun. Whether you prefer classic sneakers such as Converse, or the latest pair of Nikes, you can look for and Buy latest footwear online to funk up your fashion stakes. In terms of accessories, every man needs a good watch. Opt for classic black or tan straps or metal, and don’t go for anything too glitzy and dramatic. Hats can also be a great addition to an outfit – baseball caps look great in the summer on most men. Swap them out for a slouchy beanie or flat cap in the winter for a cozy but distinguished gentlemen look.

Photo by John Hernandez on Unsplash

Photo by John Hernandez on Unsplash

Go for quality over quantity

Rather than buying ten different cheap polyester sweaters, opt for one or two classic ones in a quality material such as cashmere or wool. Not only will these never go out of fashion, but it also means you are not contributing to the fast fashion phenomenon and it also feels and looks much better. Just because you are a father does not mean you have to forego fashion. Bear the above tips in mind and you will look great, however old you are or whatever responsibilities you have.

Post contribute by Eric Rey

Cover Photo by Glodi Miessi on Unsplash

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