What up Fellas? This post goes out to all the rookie dads. We suggest you have your wife/girlfriend read this post, You’re welcome.

You know how it is before you have children, you can wonder how you would ever get to a point where you worry that your partner doesn’t know you care. But children can zap all of your energy and attention. You don’t mean to get to that stage where you don’t spend enough time with your husband or wife; you just sink into a new routine. It can’t be helped. So from time to time you do need to work on your relationship, and a great way of doing that is by showing the other person in your life how much you care. From simple gestures to date nights, here are a few ways you could remind him how much you care and love him. 

Sacrifice the lie in

The sacred lie in is a topic of many a heated row across the world between mum and dad on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s equally important to each person, and neither thinks the other person deserves it more than the other. So anyone would know that sacrificing your lie in is a big deal in the parent world. So imagine how much he will know you care if on one morning you decide to get up with the kids, and it was his turn. It sounds so small and insignificant, but we all get tired, and we all have our own needs for that little bit of extra rest. So this should score you some great brownie points and also show them you care, a lot. 


Buy him a simple, thoughtful gift

While things shouldn’t always be solved with a gift and having to buy something. Sometimes an item that has taken thought can show the other person you care. It doesn’t matter about cost, it could be the cheapest thing, but if it means something or shows thought it would go down well. This is where thinking about your husband, what they like, interests them, or may need would be. It could be a focus on skincare so they get some time to themselves, where websites like letsdisco.co could help. Or maybe it might be something more trivial like a book, a magazine subscription, a new games console game. The small and thoughtful gifts can often be the best ones. 

Photo by Floris Andréa on Unsplash

Photo by Floris Andréa on Unsplash

Arrange a surprise date night

Sometimes it seems that it would be down to the man in your life to organise any surprise meal out or date. So switch the table round and organise something yourself. A surprise date night could inject a bit of passion back into your relationship and the gesture that you organised it could go down well. It doesn’t have to something flashy or overboard, especially if you are watching your budget at the moment. But even something as simple as a cinema visit without the kids could be a great evening out. 

Photo by Hitesh Dewasi on Unsplash

Photo by Hitesh Dewasi on Unsplash

Offer to do something he always does

Finally, if your husband is the one who always cooks, why not offer to do it instead. If he is the one that always puts the kettle on, why not make a point of making him a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes doing something and giving your husband a break will be all it takes to cement in his mind how much you love and care for him. 

Let’s hope these ideas inspire you. 

Post contribute by Super Mom Samaya Santo

Cover Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

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