All parents want a good and bright future for their children. But sometimes, you have to understand that you are not supposed to impose your vision on your kids. You need to empower them. You need to trust that they can make a wise decision that will help them achieve their goals. Your main role is to be their guide. As their beacon, you have to help them finalise their decisions on which career track to take.

Before you offer your help, though, you need to condition yourself that you are not supposed to dictate. The best that you can do is to suggest certain routes based on their interests and strengths. For many parents, guiding their kids in terms of academics and careers can be quite a challenge. But do not fret, as there will always be simple yet useful ways to do it. Here are some.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

Help them explore their passions

Some kids exhibit their interests, likes, and passions, so it will not be hard for you to identify or determine which paths will suit them. However, there are some kids who do not have an idea which career path to take. Do not pressure them into knowing it as soon as possible. Instead, help them explore their passions and interests. Certain passions develop as they grow old. If they have a subject or an activity that they are always thrilled about, that is a potential passion.

Photo by Markus Spiske

Photo by Markus Spiske

Have them undergo a thorough assessment

Exposures to certain passions and interests sometimes do not work as expected. But there are other ways you can help your child figure out which area to focus on. Have them undergo a series of assessments, including academic and situational tests that will gauge their strengths and interests. Academic organisations and some companies that offer tutorial services may be able to help out.

Photo by NeONBRAND

Photo by NeONBRAND

Pick the right school

The school of your kid will have a big impact on their success. With that, you need to pick a school that is in line with their passions, strengths, and future plans. You can come up with a list of senior high schools in Manila and then, check out the pros and cons of each one. This should make decision making much easier.

Be patient

There might be a time when your child truly does not know or understand the abilities or skills that they have. And it may frustrate them. It could also be quite frustrating for you. But remember, learning is a lifelong process. Your kid will eventually know what they want. You just have to be 

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