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Why couldn’t I come up with this great Idea? It always blows my mind when something so simple can help change the world. Hey what’s the famous quote ? “team work makes the dream work”? I want to salute this mom, Leesa McGregor for coming up with “A New Alphabet for Humanity”. It’s dope how she put together a children’s book featuring 26 empowering alphabet words designed to nurture emotional intelligence and activate the potential of our children

Photo by Aaron Burden

Photo by Aaron Burden

Leesa’s mission is to empower kids all over the world. We as parents have to teach our children to be a positive role model for society. Everyday we lead by example. They say “Words” are “Powerful” if so, let’s show our children and remind them. A new alphabet can help you do just that. This is by far the best thing for a child to have. “Families around the world can raise a generation of children who are happy loving global citizens.”(Leesa McGregor)

Image by Leesa McGregor

Image by Leesa McGregor

It’s only right, I love the idea of teaching our children the importance of living a positive life. We’d love to be apart of this and help Leesa McGregor bring “A New Alphabet for Humanity” to life. My son is 11 years old but he’s never to old to learn. Each morning he says his affirmation’s and now he will read the New Alphabet! Thank you Leesa!

Go to their Kickstarter Campaign and be part of something that can help change the world for the better! Thank You.

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by Aaron Burden

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