Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Yes, today and like everyday you should always count your blessings. You should also be kind to other people, you never know what a person is going through any given day.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Most of us didn’t know that. Historically, “Mental Health” was never talked about in a “Positive” light, it’s often avoided and associated with a negative stigma. Today, we’re here to help change that and start having Positive Conversations about Mental Health with each other or even with people who we know are going through it. This silent killer has no boundaries. It doesn’t care how much money you have, how you look or what culture you’re from. That’s why we’re all in with FODADAD (For Dad) and their dedication for helping other Dad’s talk about Mental Health.

FODADAD Founder and his son’s

FODADAD Founder and his son’s

Being a Dad is a Cool. I met Bobby Barzi back in February at the DAD2.0Summit, great guy. He has a clothing line for dad’s and their kids. The cool part is when you purchase from them it helps them fund more events and programs for Dad’s and families. Once, I heard his story and saw his clothing line #SWAGGERDADAPPOVED by the way, I wanted to do anything I could to help support the movement. After our quick conversation he gave me one of his T-shirts “The Noggin T-Shirt” The Noggin design is in support of changing the Mental Health dialogue into a positive conversation. I was hyped to wear it and represent the movement with my son.

SwaggerDad Founder and Son

SwaggerDad Founder and Son

FODADA is her to help support Dad’s having a hard time talking about mental health with their family with the Mental Fitness Five for Father’s.

Here are the 5 elements to share and talk about with your family. Read here for the extended explanation on each element.

  1. Talk, talk it out with loves one, the best thing we can do as humans is communicate. Let’s use it to heal ourselves.

  2. Let Them in– talk to your love ones about your day, be open and willing to talk to your kids.

  3. Take Care of Yourself- We as father’s have the most pressure when it comes to parenting, make sure you take care yourself before you can take care anybody else.

  4. Be Part of Their World, Their Likes and Interests- Get involved in your kids world and what they like. It can help you communicate with your kids.

  5. Give Yourself and Them Grace-It’s ok, not to be ok, no really it’s ok!

Enjoy Your weekend!

By Danny Reyes

Photo by FoDada

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