Hey, who was a nervous wreck when their partners water broke? I’m sure I was and I know most of you were too. I thought I had everything under control but little did I know I didn’t have sh*t under control. That was 11 years ago, I didn’t have a play book to show me how to prepare me for what was to come. Going from a Man to a Dad in a matter of seconds was life changing. Becoming a Father for the first time is one of the greatest feelings a Man could experience.

We also have to understand what our partners go  through when giving birth.  Most Men don’t know what to do when their partner is  expecting. Her life changes in a instinct, her body changes, her attitude changes everything just changes. We as men have to adjust to her and most men don’t know how to. Have no fear Swaggerdad is here.



If you’re a New Dad to be and clueless about what to do or even how to treat your partner during her pregnancy , You need to check out this new book Go-To Guide for New Dads. I wish I had a guide back 11 years ago.

Brian W. Salmon

Brian W. Salmon

About the Authors

Brian W. Salmon also know as Brian the Birth Guy, is a doula, a certified lactation counselor and a prenatal imaging specialist and father of 3 himself. He made it his mission to prepare dads and birth partners for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Brian has partnered with over 20,000 couples in his ultrasound clinics and  birth classes.

Kirsten Brunner is a perinatal mental health and relationship expert with over 20 years of clinical experience. She Co-Founded Baby Proofed Parents a website/workshop series which delivers sanity-saving and relationship-strengthening tools to expectant and new parents. She’s about it’.

Co-Authors Brian & Kirsten, “Go-To Guide For New Dads”

Co-Authors Brian & Kirsten, “Go-To Guide For New Dads”

The cool part about Fatherhood is that you meet a lot of cool dad’s doing things to help other Dad’s. I met Brian at a dad event, Dad2.0Summit and when I heard about his book I wanted to know what I didn’t know 11 years ago. After reading the book, I wish I had it 11 years ago. it would have helped me. He also goes by RockingDads where he has a course on how to prepare you for childbirth, breastfeeding and beyond.

If you’re a new dad to be is better to be on point then to look like you don’t know whats going on and try to wing it. Check out the course by clicking here. Yes, Swaggerdad has your back, get $10 off at check out by using the code “SwagDad” Hey if you’re serious about “Fatherhood” and want to stay ahead of the game? Go-To Guide is your best bet hands down!… #Playbook #Gametime Good Luck.

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By Danny Reyes

Photo/Video By Brian W. Salmon

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