We all know the “Future” is here, Technology is taking over our lives everyday from smart phones to smart tv and even a smart refrigerator. It’s everywhere and our children are being expose by the “smart gadget” era. As parents we all have our “rules” , those who children with cell phones, I’m pretty sure they have some type of time restrictions. Bravo for those parents who are on point with that. Having a cell phone means they can hang out with their friends all day. Not only do we have to teach our children to be a positive citizen but also “Positive Tech Citizen” here are a few tips on how to raise a positive tech citizen.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

Here are a few tips I’m starting to do with my Milian now that he has his own phone. Gotta stay hip if not they will leave you behind.

  • Have a talk with them about the internet and how it is used for bad and good. Having a open conversation will help you stay connected with your child. Get their trust so when any distributing situation comes up they can talk to you without being scared to.

  • If your child’s on any social media platform, engage with them from the start. Show them how to treat others through technology. I tell my son “If you ain’t got nothing good to comment, Don’t Comment at ALL.”

  • Technology can cost a bit but you also can make money with it. Teach them how to create content. Did you know “Content is King?” Teach them how to create content, hey you never know if your child will be the next big thing on “Youtube”

  • Tech them how to use technology in a positive way. Show them how to code, how to use educational apps and most of all show them how to treat people through technology

Photo By @Swaggerdad

Photo By @Swaggerdad

Remember times have changed, it’s NOT how we grew up. So we have to get with the program and tech our children to be “A Positive Tech Citizen”. If we know better we’ll do better!!

For more info on anything “Tech” check out our friends over at CoolMomTech where you can find the Ultimate Guide to a Digital Parent.
You’re Welcome.

By Danny Reyes

Photo by Hal Gatewood

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