Photo by Aaron Burden

Photo by Aaron Burden

It’s Saturday and we’re making some changes over here at Casa Reyes and it’s called GET YOUR LIFE ORGANIZED-LOL

Ok, who else has a kid or kids that just seem to not be able to organize anything that has to do with school?

I’m raising my hand real high over hereI

I think I’ve repeated the same talk over 100x’s since the beginning of school and still Milian’s papers are crammed at the bottom of his backpack. I rarely get a flyer that was suppose to make it home and let’s not even talk about his desk at school. I’m not sure how he even finds anything.

All frustrations aside and 3 deep breaths later, I realize I need to help guide him in order to set him up for success. It’s that simple. Some kids are never going to be the organized kind and you can keep yelling but that’s not actually teaching them anything. At this point all they hear is “blah,blah, blah.”

5 simple steps to get your son or daughter Organized.

  1. Designate a Study Space– That’s right, you’re not “studying” in your room with your phone and easy access to Youtube. Find a space free of electronics and preferably near you so you can keep an eye on them.

  2. Organize Folders – Choose a colored folder for each subject. This will help them keep their assignments in the right spot. Make sure to have a folder just for notes/flyer to take home and check it daily.

  3. Designate a Study Time– Most kids need to unwind after a long day at school. Go with it, give that time and everyday at the same time make sure they know it’s time to hit the books. In our house it’s 4:30.

  4. Homework Journal– Order it now on Amazon . Make them accountable to write in their assignments everyday. You can also speak with the teacher to sign it daily so you know it’s correct and not missing anything.

  5. Homework Basket– We have one and use it every year. Once the assignments/tests are graded and no longer needed it goes into the homework basket. A weekly clean up of their folders and backpack will help them have less mess to shuffle through!

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by Element5 Digital

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