Many of us grew up without a father and for must of all of us we had to learn how to care for our own children on our own. Not having the foundation on how to raise your child is challenging for some of us but for most of us we take that challenge head on. With that being said we here at Swaggerdad is all about “fatherhood” and any father that is doing right and raising their children to the best of their ability we like to put a “SpotLight” on. Especially when it has to deal with mental illness.

Introducing Jameel Laboo from Newark New Jersey. A Father of 3 beautiful kids. Jameel grew up in a larger family where he struggled to express his feelings without being judged. Growing up his father was in and out of jail for most of his childhood. To release his frustration Jamel wrote poetry. It was the start of his creative journey on releasing his feelings on paper. Until he heard 2Pac, that turned his poetry into a rap lyric. After a few showcases and shows he became a local celebrity. You heard his pain in all of his songs, he wanted a better life for himself but sadly his career took a turn for the worst. Living that “Street Life” Jameel learned the hard way and did a short sting in prison.

Jameel and his first Daughter.

Jameel and his first Daughter.

When Jameel came home and had his first daughter he was motivated to do better in life. Jameel made a decision that he didn’t want to be like his father going in and out of prison so he was determined to “Break The Cycle.” Funny, that’s our motto here a Swaggerdad “Breaking The Cycle One Dad at A Time”. Jameel became an entrepreneur while still pursuing his music career. He goes by the name C.H.A.O.S(Creating Happiness after One Suffers). His goal is to change the negative mind of many people around him. Jameel’s motto is “ Just because I came from the bottom, doesn’t mean I have to stay there” FACT!!!

Jameel wanted his voice heard so he wrote his first Motivational book called “ SIGNS”(A Must Read) He wanted to help kids dealing with anxiety and depression. Mostly, he wanted to help his daughter as she went through some peer pressure situations. Written from a father’s point of view. While battling whether to maintain her morals or let them go to fit in. She’s a true mirror of what today’s kids are dealing with in silence. A crowd of mixed emotions that they feel they’re experiencing alone. That often leads them to thoughts of self-harm or regretfully suicide. DON’T MISS THE SIGNS… Please Click here for the book

Jameel and his Family.

Jameel and his Family.

We like to salute Jameel for “Breaking The Cycle” and show his children a better way of life!

By Danny Reyes

Photos by Jameel Laboo aka C.H.A.O.S

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